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    FOTD for the SPICE GIRLS CONCERT!!! + concert pics!

    Last Thursday I went to see the Spice Girls in D.C., living out the dream of my 13 year old self It was so amazing, except for all the little hoochies that weren't even BORN when the Spice Girls were popular and they were dressed like whores! What is up with that?? It was really annoying but I...
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    My Flirty Little Number FOTD

    I did something a little more dramatic than I usually do so I thought I'd post it! I used... Face: Cover Girl Trublend liquid makeup (not impressed with this) Select coverup NW15 Light Flush MSF Eyes: Rubenesque paint pot Pink Opal pigment all over Moth Brown e/s in crease Flirty Number e/s in...
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    The Firm

    Has anyone used any of The Firm videos or products? I am always inspired by their informercials (I know, that's pretty laughable but seriously!) and I bought a step workout system with the dvds to give it a try. Do any of you have any experiences with The Firm? I'd love to hear your stories!
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    Simple Barbie lips FOTD

    I very rarely post FOTDs, but I was feeling participatory today so I hope it's not TOO terrible! I'm a big fan of bright pink lips lately! I used... Face: Moistureblend Select Coverup Studio Finish Face Powder (all NW15) Northern Light MSF Eyes: Pollen e/s Shimmertime...
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    I think of *blank* when I use/hear the name of *blank* product

    Hey ladies, maybe I'm just weird but whenever I use my Who's That Lady lipgelee I get the song stuck in my head! And the same goes when I see someone use Off The Radar pigment - it instantly triggers Britney Spears' "Radar" in my head. It's kind of annoying actually haha! Which products do...
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    Anyone from the DC area?

    I'm going to grad school at American University in August and I was wondering if there are any Specktra-ettes from the DC area And if there are, if any of you would have any great tips on where to live haha. I live in CT so I am nervous about moving so far away from home!! I look forward to...
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    Darn it - I'm done with my makeup and I totally forgot to use :blank:

    Alright, I can't be the only one who does this - every day after I finish my face and go "oh crap! I wanted to use this!" Today for instance, I am going to a job interview at a marina store and I wanted a simple but pretty look. I finish and go, "damnit! I should have used Lightscapade!" I...
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    Bold lips, plain eyes FOTD

    Lately I've been really into doing bold lips with neutral eyes. Today I used my Modern Ms. lipstick for a nice change! These pics were taken after a full day of wear and tear so they're not too fresh but my makeup still survived pretty well! face: Select Coverup Moistureblend Bare Escentuals...
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    FOTD with more neutrals - my loves!!!

    Wow, my FOTD for a second day in a row! Who'da thunk it? I used... Face: Laura Geller Spackle Select Coverup Moistureblend Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil Shell Pearl Beauty Powder Stereo Rose MSF Eyes: Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Platinum as a base Shimmertime pigment all over...
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    FOTD with my new Barbie items!

    Alright well I posted this on LJ but for some reason I hardly ever get comments over there. I like Specktra better anyway What I used... Face: Laura Geller Spackle Select Coverup Moistureblend Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil Shell Pearl Beauty Powder Eyes: Bare Canvas as a base Shimpage MSF...
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    Latest obsessions

    Alright ladies, I know we regularly discuss our all-time favoritest MAC products, but what are you most interested in RIGHT NOW? Is it the same thing? I've currently going through a phase where I'm super obsessed with lip liners and I have to get them all! When I buy a new lipstick or...
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    I am obessed with these sandals for summer! What do you think of them? I've found some really cute ones on E-bay, included purple flowered ones with little crystals on them! I think I'm going to have a new love for the warm weather
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    I hate Nordstroms! They always do this to me!

    EVERY time I order from they do this to me. I placed the order 4 days ago and then today I got this email: Thank you for your recent order via, No. 94979093. Regrettably, we are temporarily out of stock in the BARBIEae LOVES M·A·C: EYE SHADOW SPRINGTIME SKIPPER...
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    Love Affairs

    In honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day I thought I'd start a thread about our most romantic/sexy/hot/exciting (pick an adjective!) love affairs! I know with all the hot ladies in this forum there will be lots of exciting stories to share! I'll start with mine. I am happily engaged now...
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    Answers needed quickly

    Mocha, Coygirl, and Cute are some of my faves!