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Alright ladies, I know we regularly discuss our all-time favoritest MAC products, but what are you most interested in RIGHT NOW? Is it the same thing?

I've currently going through a phase where I'm super obsessed with lip liners and I have to get them all! When I buy a new lipstick or lipgloss, I want to buy two lipliners to use with it so I can change the look. It's quite ridiculous haha. This started with Rubia. I knew the picture was shown with her wearing Spice, and I'd been meaning to get that for a while, so I bought that and then I thought Honey B. Creamstick liner would look good with it so I got that too, and then I realized that I needed a backup of Nymphette l/g because mine got gross and that would go nicely with both and it all added up from there

So what are YOU into??


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Well, my ultimate goal is every perma e/s MAC sells, buying a few at a time, focusing on one color of the spectrum at a time. There are so many I may need to find a rich husband to fund it all, LOL!


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Right now it's MAC skincare and lip products. When i first got into MAC I was so into the eye stuff but now I focusing more on my lips. I hated lipstick before I fell in love with the lustre formula and there lip glosses own my soul!


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when i first started to buy MAC about 1 year plus ago, i was very into the eyeshadows but now i'm obsessed with blushers and highlighters


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Originally Posted by Taj
I'm currently obsessed with pigment.

Same here, plus lipsticks. I've always worn lipgloss because I hated the way lipsticks felt, but after trying MAC Red, I knew I had to try more.


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I go back and forth between new blushcremes and Goldenaire pigment. I tried to shake goldenaire and switch to using lune blushcreme all the time instead... but it's been over a year now... and I love goldenaire as a blush/highlighter more than ever.


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Everything! Haha, jk. I started getting into MAC with their e/s, but now I am getting into lipsticks+lipgloss. For every lipstick, I need a matching lipgloss!


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airbrush makeup is my new addiction. i want to get all the crazy colors so i can paint myself/other people.


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I am currently into lipsticks and blush.
Not a bad idea prinzessin784 about finding at least two liners per gloss. I hate it when I only know one way to wear a lipstick.


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Recently I've been wearing a cool brown or grey shadow on my eyelid and lining the inside of my eye with an unexpected pop of colour like Minted Eye Khol & Blue peep, Iris eys & Royal Wink fluidlines.
I also like cool, glittery lipglosses at the moment like Nico and Zazoom lipglasses & Morning glory and Opal Lustreglasses.

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