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    Desperate Housewives (SPOILER)

    Ok, who the heck hung herself at the end of the season finale? I thought it was Edie, but a friend of mine thought it was Gabby? What the heck? Is somebody actually leaving the show or what?
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    Small but $$ Haul

    So I didn't get much, but it sure cost lots MAC pearl blossom beauty powder pearl sunshine beauty powder beautyburst eyeshadow MUFE matte velvet + in #20 (my new hg foundation) shine on compact in #4 The whole works cost me about $150. Yikes.... It seems like I got so little.
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    Quo skunk brush and swatches :)

    As requested: Here are the 187 and quo skunk brush in comparison. I also showed my Cargo brush because I love it so much The swatches aren't that great because I am still using my old camera, but they are of the new quo mineral eyeshadows. The pink one is pink envy, the second one is...
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    Need serious skin help right now :(

    So the weather has been really bad this year and my skin is suffering. It has rained, then snowed, then been windy, then rained, well, you get the idea. The darn weather has dried my skin right out. I always have dry skin and use a thick heavy moisturiser, but it isn't working this year...
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    Prestige mascara

    I found a cheap prestige mascara the other day with "spiral technology" I haven't tried it yet, but it looks to be a complete rip off of blincs kiss me mascara. For those who want to try kiss me, buy don't want to pay the $$ for it, you should try this
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    Quo's new line :)

    I was in Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday and Quo has a new line of mineral makeup Of course everyone is jumping on the mineral bandwagon, but they had some beautiful mineral blushes and eyeshadows too. I picked up a pink shadow which looks like slip pink, and a brown shadow which looks an...
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    For those looking for MSF's :)

    After putting two and two together, I have decided that the makeup company Karaja is most likely the one who manufactures the MSF's for MAC. It makes sense because the company has been around since the 80's and when I got the view of the msf that fell out of it's pan, it said made in Italy...
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    169 Brush

    Thoughts? Opinions? I went to get it today (only thing I wanted from this collection) but got talked into the 168 instead. The MA told me that she found because it was synthetic, it was really grabbing and depositing colour. On pale me, that might not be a good thing. I am hoping I made...
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    Ebay/Canada post rant

    I sold some stuff on ebay and the buyer paid right away. I shipped the parcel out expresspost (cause it was the same price as surface, go figure) I confirmed the address with the buyer and the parcel was shipped out on the 4th of January. The package was only going from Victoria to Vancouver...
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    Freaking bad day haul :(

    I'm just having a really bad day and needed cheering up. Since a wonderful makeup store (mini sephora type store) opened right behind my house, I had to stop. I got a cute little Cargo travel tin which has a full size beach bronzer, a mini mascara, a 15 day supply of on the go gloss, and 10...
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    Glitter Liners!!!

    For those of you who missed out on the MAC glitter liners, Lise Watier just released a bunch for the holidays. I know I am going to catch it for this, but I prefer the LW ones to the MAC ones. First off, the glitter/colour payoff is way better. Second, the container is larger and the...
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    Question about MAC MA wanting to sell stuff

    A friend of mine works for MAC and has a tonne of makeup that she wants to sell. She is scared to put it on ebay or here on Specktra because of the termination policy from MAC. I was wondering how some of you MA's that work for MAC do it. Do you risk it, do you get friends to sell it or what...
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    Cheap Brush Rolls/Clutches

    After reading a desperate plea for a brush roll in the want ads and remembering the sweet deal I got, I figured I should post it here too. I remembered that when I was a kid, my dad had a wrench set that was rolled up in a nylon/vinyl container with pockets. I needed a new brush roll (my old...
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    205 mascara fan brush

    Has anyone had a chance to use this yet? Thoughts? I couldn't resist it, but I haven't had time to play with it yet I'm such a sucker for brushes and pigments
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    PC can be so stupid sometimes...

    I decided to start a new thread after reading about the debate on the 14 year old girl arrested for racial remarks. In this day and age of political correctness, one cannot be too careful. After reading the latest announcement at my job, I can't help but wonder who the hell comes up with...