Ebay/Canada post rant


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I sold some stuff on ebay and the buyer paid right away. I shipped the parcel out expresspost (cause it was the same price as surface, go figure) I confirmed the address with the buyer and the parcel was shipped out on the 4th of January. The package was only going from Victoria to Vancouver but it came back to me two days ago and said that the address was unknown and didn't exist. Great. I emailed the buyer right away, but have yet to hear from her. I don't want negative feedback left, but I am worried that it will happen because of this. I hate ebay sometimes
Sorry, just needed to write it down. I feel better now.


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don't worry...you're fretting for nothing right now...try to contact the seller, and tell him or her about it. It happened to me before, and it's because the person had moved and forgot to update their address. I hope it gets resolved fast!


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I would take a pic of the package to CYA, but I think you'll be fine. Most people should be understanding about the situation.

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