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    Pictureless FOTD: 5/19

    I'm wearing my "I'm going to go watch The DaVinci Code today!!!" makeup today lol... face: be foundation in med tan (i came back to it, hadnt used it in a while!!!) be warm radience (love this stuff) fix+ to top it all off (i adore it!!!) eyes: hush ccb all over as base fairylite piggie all...
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    Pictureless FOTD: 5/18

    Im naked today... how bout u??? well I'M not naked... but my face is!!! lmao
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    Pictureless FOTD: 5/17

    Hey guys... so today Im pretty bare faced... face: fix+ (im so addicted now) neutrogena TM gold deposite msf fix+ eyes: hush ccb as base fairylight as wash diorshow mascara lips: tempting tillie tlc dame in a dress l/glee
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    Pictureless FOTD: 5/15

    happy monday guys and gals! blah... so what cool makeup you got for me today??? i'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!!!! muahahah... lmao
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    Pictureless FOTD: 5/12

    TGIF and Happy Friday guys!!! It's rainy and just pugh here in NYC and although I woke up early today, wearing makeup was just not on my to do list after seeing the fat drops coming down! so this is all i got face: gold deposit MSF (i dont know how i could ever live w/o) eyes: loreal double...
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    Pictureless FOTD: 5/11

    Ugh, weather sucks... I wanna go home... and I am all alone at work!!! Is today a day off and I wasn't told??? Ugh!!! Anyways... face: neutrogena TM gold deposit MSF- i never used this before but i "discovered" it like 2 months ago and it's like my quick bronzing shiny thing... i love it...
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    just one pic

    from my bday... after my hair got all messed up i gotta upload all the other pics
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    Pictureless FOTD: 5/9

    Another day is here and my allergies have returned a bit so no makeup today. ugh. all i have on is...... DAME IN A DRESS l/g (its so pretty...)
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    Pictureless FOTD: 5/8

    Hey guys, happy Monday!!! Exciting to be back at work huh...... uuuuugh. Anyways so I got a shot of cortazone (sp) last week so i'm allergy free WHOOT which means....... makeup's back so give me ideas... I am so out of the loop that I need help... This is me today... tell me if it seems half...
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    Pictureless FOTD 4/28

    Yay, I get to wear some makeup again today... i'm so jealous of all these FOTDs cuz i got all this makeup and i can't use it. well at least i'm putting my MSFs into good use lol... face: sff in nc35 petticoat msf on cheeks lose blot powder in med dark all over face eyes: diorshow mascara lips...
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    Pictureless FOTD 4/27

    HIIIIIIIIIII....... whast's up??? so i'm wearing makeup today (if you can call it that). face: sff in nc35 stereo rose on cheeks lose blot powder with 187 eyes: diorshow mascara in black lips: pink grapefruit l/s i feel pretty today!!!!! hehe... i havent been wearing...
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    Pictureless FOTD 4/26

    HIIIII..... it's impossible for me to use makeup these days... damn allergies... but i miss is so much and all you guys are my only connection to it... so give me something good!!!!!
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    Pictureless FOTD 4/24

    Hey guys.. I'm here for a itty bitty short time today... hopefully I'll get to read about some of ur wonderful looks!!!
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    Pictureless FOTD 4/20

    So I snuck an online peak today and I thought I would come to my fave place i in the whole wide world. I miss you girls... what you got???
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    Pictureless FOTD 4/17

    Sorry I abandoned you pictureless FOTD people over the weekend but I had a pretty busy weekend, really fun but sooo busy!!! So let me in on what I missed and what ya got today???