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    Clarisonic/Skincare Question

    So I was just watching this video: YouTube - AllThatGlitters21's Channel and it got me thinking..I've read and hear a lot of good things about the Clarisonic and I'm suuuuuper close to buying one. I have sensitive combination skin and I currently use Clean and Clear cream cleanser and Vaseline...
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    Nars Multiple Bronzer for NC 43

    hey guys! which would you rec for me? I haven't tried any Nars products and I want to get some blushes and maybe one of these bronzers? Multiple Bronzer NARS please help! I think in terms of blushes I want to get Torrid and maybe try Mounia, Orgasm, Albatross (apparently the best highliter) and...
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    'sick and off work' haul :D

    So I've been sick all week starting sucks! Today was really awesome 1) coz I am feeling considerably better and 2) I hauled! LOL I returned Red Devil L/G and got (in pan) humid, goldmine and tete a tint e/s I haven't gotten a chance to swatch yet but I think tete a tint might be...
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    Sanitizing Penultimate?

    Hey guys, so I've been thinking (sorry if its a dumb question/has been addressed already) but how exactly are MA's sanitizing the felt tip of the Penultimate testers? like wouldnt the alcohol kinda wreck the product a bit? or like freelancer's who want to use it on clients...just curious