'sick and off work' haul :D


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So I've been sick all week starting saturday..it sucks!

Today was really awesome 1) coz I am feeling considerably better and
2) I hauled! LOL
I returned Red Devil L/G and got (in pan) humid, goldmine and tete a tint e/s
I haven't gotten a chance to swatch yet but I think tete a tint might be similar to warm suede from the Holiday 2008 warm eyes pallette..which is gona suck if they're dupes...
I also checked out the Creamteam lipsticks, I got Crosswires ( a gorjus muted pinky coral-y color) and I think I am gona go back for Lickable. It looks A LOT like Girl About Town
are they similar or is it just me? and which do you guys think would have more staying power ie creme vs. amplified cream? I needed a l/l for Freckletone so I got Beurre, it seems to go with everything though which is great!
I've been using my 210 for fluidline except now its all frayed and I can't shape it
so I got the 266..
Lastly, after Zerin and all the ladies in the desi forum raved about it, I had to get Desert Rose blush

PS I FINALLY found my long lost 217..I was dying without it lol YAY!

From Shopper's I got a spray bottle..gna try to make my own fix plus type of deal
and I got sucked in to the hype! i bought a lash blast LOL
went to Sally's and got an bent script brush/ nail stamp detailer..wonder if this will work like the Sonia Kashuk eyeliner brush? hmm.. and Seche Vite Topcoat..coz my nails ALWAYS chip..

thanks for reading!


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Man ...thats some great stuff...It's expensive for you to be off work...you better get well soon!!!

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