°O. wet eyes while or after makep up .O°


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Aloha girls!

So I have a problem with my eyes! I´m not especially sensitive but I´m nearly crying when I work with my make up and no matter if it´s pigment or not.
Do you have an advice or a solution for that?


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Wait, so you're not sensitive but your eyes are watering up? Just want to get an idea of what you're asking so that I can help you out...
Also, what brands are you currently using for your eye makeup? When did you purchase them last?
Last question: do you use mascara? If so, what kind?
This could help me answer your question! :sun:


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I have the same problem when I work with pigments and some of the product gets in my eyes. The more makeup I wear the worse it gets. I only seem to get water coming out of the outter corners of my eye, it's super annoying. I use a q-tip to remove and product from the waterline and any loose powder that may have gotten onto the eyeball! Sounds gross but it doesn't hurt at all to remove, I just wet the q-tip a bit with saliva and sort of "fish" it out. It seems to work ok but doesn't solve the problem entirely.


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Fairybelle: I cry before to apply the mascara so I´m sure it´s not that

MissChievous: I clean the waterline too but I still cry...
However I´ve just bought yesterday a blue water for the eyes. I did not use yet but I´ll try it tomorrow. I think the eyes won´t be so sensitive... Anyway I´ll tell you if it´s good or not

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