134 brush--do u love it & ur fav uses


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i have the 134 mac brush and its soooooo soft

i just use it after my fix fluid, to apply loose cover girl translucent powder to set my foundation...am i selling this brush short? do u have other great uses for it...do tell! TIA


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I hardly reach for my 134. Just like you.. after i put my stuido fix fluid on, i dust on some loose powder. On those days where i dont want too much product on my face i just dust it back and forth in my stuido fix compact and apply it all over. I also sometimes get macs loose bronzer in golden bronze and apply it over my cheek bones, forehead, and nose. If i need the brush to be more dense and thinner i just smoosh the bristles together. This brush is good if your in a hurry, since its huge and covers a large area quickly. I love it sooo much because its the softest thing on earth!! I apply a deep conditioner for color treated hair after i wish the brush and love running my hands through the hairs.


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i use it for loose powder after SFF too, but i'm disappointed in it b/c it sheds a noticeable amt! =( i notice that it doesn't shed the first couple uses after it's been washed, but soon after, starts shedding again. anyone else have this problem?


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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush!!
Seriously...I really do! For blush, it applies perfectly on my cheeks, and for powder....light dustings of studio fix, MSF Natural and blot.....oh I love it so very much! My staple go-to powder brush!