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which color should i buy. i want buy studio fix and i used studio tech in nc27 in summer
Annmarie: the fluid
Jennifer: Hi Ann Marie.
Annmarie: hi
Jennifer: I would say to try the Studio Fix Fluid in NC25 for a good match for you.
Jennifer: Click here for the MAC Foundation page.
Annmarie: ok, thanks and which moisturizer would you recommend for my skin. its combo and i'm 14
Jennifer: MAC Day SPF 15 Light Moisture is a lightweight, fast-absorbing lotion that instantly layers your skin with moisture while protecting it from UVA and UVB radiation. It contains ingredients to firm the skin while helping to prevent premature aging.
Jennifer: Click here for the MAC Moisturizers page.
Jennifer: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
Annmarie: yes.which bronzer for my skintone?golden or refinded bronzer
Jennifer: Definitely Golden.
Jennifer: Click here for the Bronzing page.
Annmarie: and why. a girls at specktra said that it's definitely Refined Enriched Bronze
Jennifer: I apologize for the confusion this must cause you, but the participants on the Specktra website are NOT commissioned by MAC Cosmetics to make any sort of colour suggestions. The Refined Enriched Bronze is going to be way to olive for your skin tone. I suggest that you get your advice from professionally trained MAC Artists. It's the safest way to make sure that you are getting the best information.
Annmarie: ok thanks.should i buy eye care. I have adark shadow under my eyes which care do you recommed for this problem?
Jennifer: MAC Fast Response Eye Cream is a super-hydrating cream that hydrates the eye area with a silky, matte finish. This vitamin-infused cream helps to reduce puffiness, minimize dark circles, and diminish the appearance of fine lines.
Jennifer: Click here for the MAC Skincare page.
Annmarie: ok, and do you know a color that is near to peachstock? would moderne lipstick look good on me and which other lipstick colors should i buy?
Jennifer: Are you looking for peachy shades?
Annmarie: not really but i want a few lippies which are peachy and nude. but i like colors like scanty and lovelorn, too
Jennifer: Okay! Try some of the following, some of my favourites!
Jennifer: HUE Glaze Lipstick, (soft pale pink)
Jennifer: SANDY B. Frost Lipstick, (effervescent shellish pink)
Jennifer: GIDDY Lustre Lipstick, (lightheaded pink shimmered with gold)
Jennifer: RAMBLIN ROSE Frost Lipstick, (floralesque pinky-coral rose)
Jennifer: FRECKLETONE Lustre Lipstick, (full-frontal neutral peach)
Jennifer: These shades look great with a variety of looks, and other lip products. Consider pairing your shade with either LURE Lip Pencil, (richly saturated coral) or STRIPDOWN Lip Pencil, (naked nutmeg). To top off your lips, apply a layer of PINK LEMONADE Tinted Lipglass, (tasting of flamingo) for the ultimate glassy shine.
Jennifer: Click here for the MAC Lips page.
Annmarie: and i need a new powder. which do you recommend?
Jennifer: What are you looking for your powder to do?
Annmarie: no
Annmarie: it can be loose
Annmarie: what's the collection moderne came out with?
Jennifer: Yes, but are you looking for coverage? Or just for touching up shine during the day?
Jennifer: I believe Moderne came out with D'Bohemia.
Annmarie: a little bit coverage but i should show that i have dry skin(which i have sometimes)
Annmarie: should not

Jennifer: MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder is a light, translucent powder that will leave your skin matte and silky. The powder has been jet-milled and the particles have a special coating to create a soft focus effect that minimizes the appearance of fine lines. Use the included suede-finished sponge to apply the powder for a flawless finish.
Jennifer: Click here for the MAC Powder page.
Annmarie: and i want buy 187. what can i do with this brush?
Jennifer: The #187 Stiplling Brush is a large, full, circular brush that blends soft layers of powder on the face.
Jennifer: It's amazing. I love it for bronzers.
Annmarie: and it's good for normal powder, too?
Jennifer: Yes, definitely.
Annmarie: and i heard you can use it with Studio fix fluid. but how?
Jennifer: You can roll a liquid across the top of it, like with a Q Tip, and then stipple the product onto the skin.
Annmarie: y
Annmarie: ok and i want buy retrospeck. is it only a highlighter or can i use it as a normal shadow
Jennifer: You can wear that shade anywhere. It's beautiful.
Jennifer: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
Annmarie: and what's with russian red. is it nice and should i not "wear" this shade with 14?
Jennifer: It is pretty bold, Ann Marie. It's an intense red.
Jennifer: It might be a little much on you.
Jennifer: You have had some great questions today! I hope the information I have provided will assist you in your product selections. At this time, I would like to recommend that for further information on MAC products and for some additional makeup tips you visit the MAC Looks section of our site. I'm confident this section will provide you with the answers to many of your questions and get you fully up-to-date on the latest trends, products and tips! If you would prefer, you may also email one of our Artists for more ideas. Thank you for your visit. You may close the chat window by clicking the "Close" button at the top right once. You will be able to request that a copy of this chat be emailed to you as well as answer a few questions about your experience.



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How could Jennifer sure that a MAC Artist, who also happens to be a specktra member, didn't give you the suggestion?

You have the right to get other suggestions about MAC. I've saved a lot of money and avoided a lot of mistakes by following the suggestions of the girls here, and on other sites.

Anyway, Jennifer did give you some great suggestions and honest comments.

Great chat!