2 Item Haul Gone Wrong


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So I went in to MAC with the intentions of getting..

Mascara Wands and Blot Paper. For me. and A foundation and powder for my mom. I left with..

Blot Film
Brush: 182
Stud Eye Brow Pencil
Mattifier Gel
Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 NW47
Fluid Liner: Delphic
Constrast: e/s
Club: e/s (Is this new???..I love the tealness)

For My Mom
Studio Finish Press Powder NW45
Moistureblend Foundation NW50

I also went into Bloomingdales and bought

Benefits Dr. Feel Good Complexion Balm

I than went into Sephora and bought

Heated Eyelash curler and a False Eyelash Applicator.

Interesting. I didn't mean to buy anything..I haven't had an urge to buy anything lately. Only thing I really wanted to buy but couldn't was some Cinema Secrets Foundation..but they have been out of stock for the past 3 months.

So not happy with this Haul.


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You are going to LOVE that 182. I got one on Sunday and it makes my powder look better than ever. I have Delphic and Contrast, too. Great haul!


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lol that's an awesome. i always get side tracked by other items too haha

and no, club is not a new e/s, but it is gorgeous!


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Wow great haul! Your about the same coloring as me!
I like Contrast, I wear it with Moons Reflection and Freshwater.
Whats up with Cinema Secrets I've heard that name before?


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Oh man, i always do that. I'm like "I'm just gonna buy one thing" and wham, I've got an armload of makeup.
It's fun, though!


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Yea..and what's so bad about it..I go to the free standing store..and I pretty much know 50% of the MA's there..so not only am I buying but we are talking about products....talking about other product lines..so I spend atleast one hour in the store..when I could be in and out in 15 minutes.

Yea that club e/s looks like a teal..and I never could find one at mac or any other store I went too. It was always turquoise..I am soo in love with it..but lets see how it works when I wear it.

The two things I am happy about..are the 182 brush..and club e/s I haven't used either..but I am sure they will be fun to play with.

I plan to use 182 to apply the foundation. I actually don't wear foundation..but my friend is getting married this weekend so I wanted to do somethign special.

Cineam Secrets is a makeup line..mainly for professionals. I wanted to get some of their foundations. They also do alot of Halloween stuff. Like serious Halloween stuff..during the month of october it gets real crazy they have a store in SO. cal and the line is wrapped around the building..plus a fire truck has to be out front..because the store has reached it's max cap.

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