20 and older!


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I'm 21. Feel so freakin old. I pretend I'm 19 and seem to get away with it


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i'm 24... the reason i became obsessed with doing nice make-up is because i was sick and tired of being mistaken for a 15 - 16 year old! I had a hard time buying scratch and win lottery tickets for crying out loud!

screw growing old gracefully, though. i'm going to fight it every chance i get!


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37 year old scorpion...as of last Nov. I've been told I look like I'm in my late 20's. However, my bones tell me differently. :p


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I'm 26, and just last night I was getting a bikini wax and I was talking to the lady about my husband and my house and she said I looked too young to be married. She thought I was only 20! That made me feel so good.


I'm turning 21 this year and people constantly think that I'm younger than I really am (I swear people think I'm about 15 or 16 sometimes)
. It sucks but people tell me that I'll appreciate it when I'm older.

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