5 Most Underestimated MAC Products


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Figured you can't have the overestimated without the underestimated, now can we?

1. Helium pigment. Ignore the fact that if you try to do this on the eyes as a shadow, you will have nuclear fallout. The beauty of this is that it can be used anywhere. It is great to use as your brow highlight, as it is a lighter pink so it won't be as harsh as just going for Gesso or Crystal Avalanche. It is great mixed or added to a Lipglass, as it is a nice frosty colour with red duochrome. Where it is best though is on the cheeks-mix a little with Fuschia or Pink Pearl pigments, and you have an amazing blush that doesn't look harsh, but when the light hits your face...

2. Beautiful Iris. So yes, it looks to be a light purple-and some people complain that it has no payoff. But just a couple coats of it, along with a little bit of Violet pigment in the crease, and you have a very simple, yet striking eye look. Great for those no-makeup days...and for us green-eyed girls, this is a shadow that you cannot be without.

3. Shell CCB. CCB's don't get much love, and it is kind of sad because they are an amazing thing to have. Shell is a very nice one because you could use it on your lips as a base (although I'll stick to my balm, merci). You could also use it as a highlighter on your face, because it is so subtle. I love it as a shadow base, because it doesn't make me wait until it is dry unlike some shadow primers that I use.

4. Loose Beauty Powders. If you are reading this and hate anything shimmery or a bit glittery, please skip this section. However, if you are not afraid of at least a little shimmer, these are for you. This, I find, is one of the easiest ways to fake a radiant glow. I take a BIG powder brush (a cheapy ol' Avon one) and just dust it all over my face. It just makes me look so radiant.

5. Belightful IPP. Yes, some people hate the IPP's, because they do have glitter. However, Belightful is a very nice shade. If you're looking to fake great skin instantly, I just take a big ol' brush, actually the same cheapy Avon one I would use with the loose BP, and sweep it all over my face lightly. I love it because my face doesn't get as tan as the rest of my body during the summer, so I have to fake it on occasion. If you are not as tan, I recommend using this as a bronzer or a highlight-just sweep it over your cheeks, or fake the sunglass line-by actually wearing sunglasses as you apply this around them. Tacky? Maybe. But I love using this to fake a sun-kissed glow.