729 $ of MAD Haulin !


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So Febuary was a good month lolz ... and this is what 729 dollars worth of hauling looks like. Minus Creamkiss creamstick liner that for some reason was shipped alone and still hasnt gotten here ...

most of it was from nordstroms.com ....then one item from mac online, and one item from specktra clearance bin hehe

ok here are the pics ..and item list at the bottom.. the juicy bag alone was 195 so that was the most expenisve item heh.

oh and i want to add ..this was all paid for by debit hehe ..i pondered about charging it all to nordstroms card ..but then i had saved up 300 for fafi stuff ..and with tax return coming and stuff...i just fuck it im gonna splurge hehe ..but yeah i don't normally buy so much at one time. I am no rich person lolz....

I won't be buying much till my birthday in may lolz. well maybe a lippie, gloss and e/s trio from heatherette hehe



ok the contents :

Juicy coture velour day dreamer tote ( thanks to all who suggested i buy the black one on a previous post i made heh !) IM very happy with the black.

ok non mac
bobbi brown gel eyeliner in black ink
bobbi brown cream eyeshadow in bellini (this was from specktra clearance bin)
SHu Umera eyelash curler
Nars turkish delight lip gloss

Fafi eyes 2
Fafi Utterlyfrivolus l/s
Fafi Strawbaby l/s
Fafi sugartrance l/g

peachstock l/s
missy slimshine

Nice vice

non fafi
bare study
soft ocrhe

brow pencil in stud
subculture lip pencil
graphblack pencil

sunbasque blush
hipness blush


ermine fafi doll

woodwinked and carbon eyeshadows

ok i think that its lol ..sorry its not listed in order as in the pics hehe ..


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YAY! Your haul is awesome. I got the black Daydreamer, too. Just make sure you don't pull the bow. I accidentally pulled mine and now I just can't get that perfect bow back

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