90's brown lipstick look recs


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I'm looking for lipstick and liner combos to recreate the looks below. I'm trying to get that 90's chola brown lipstick look that is wearable for daytime. I've always loved this look! Any recs are welcome!!


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If you've got fair to light skin, Viva Glam II would be a good one, I think. Not sure about lipliner, though. (Spice, maybe?) You may be able to use it if you've got a more medium skin tone, but I think a darker "nude" may work better.
From what I've heard, Spice was THE lip liner in the 90's so I guess you can't go wrong with that one, so maybe even Spice & VG II? ;) Or Velvet Teddy, Faux, Blankety or Patisserie ? :)


For me Spice was very orange-y (NC20 with slightly pigmented lips). I've used Subculture (to line and fill) but it is not quite dark/brown enough. Boldly Bare may be an option to try.

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