A decaying kitty...


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What a nice mental image, non?

Once again...until I get the hang of this camera...pictures are coming out like CRAP! It washes me out and makes me look grey.
Hopefully this won't be the death of me.

Anyway, name comes from the fact that all the colours I used came from Urban Decay and the Hello Kitty line.

(pssst...images are clickable)

Studio Sculpt NC30
Studio Sculpt Concealer NW25
Pink Swoon Blush
Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
Soft n Gentle MSF

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Royal Hue Shade Stick
Urban Decay Ransom e/s (crease/outer V)
Urban Decay Fishnet e/s (crease)
Urban Decay Zero e/s (crease)
Romping e/s (above crease/under brow bone)
Yogurt e/s (all over lid)
Too Dolly e/s (inner corner high light)
Urban Decay Peace e/s (inner corner high light)
Stately Black e/s (crease)
Vellum e/s (high light)
Gesso e/s (Mid lid)
Rapid Black eye liner

Fashion Mews l/s
Sugar Rimmed d/g

Hope you enjoy girls/guys!

*All MAC unless otherwise stated


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Haha, thanks girls.

And my brows are my obsession...seriously. I wish I could shave them off and not have to deal with them...