a fotd with old gold


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woohoo i got my lip pierced!
i used:
eyes- corn s/s, old gold pigment, humid e/s. print e/s, vanilla pigment, sexy lash (benefit)
face- bare minerals, orgasm blush
lips- viva glam v l/g


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Oh like the piercing!And ya know,i really like the dark hair on ya!
I love old gold,and i love it on you.Looks great


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This is a really cool one! Love the eyes. I was on the fence about old gold, but now may have to try it out, I've a sample i've never touched.
I like it alot, except I think it would look alot better if you took the lighter color on top instead of the dark on top, it looks a little funny. But still hot none the less, just my opinion! Cute piercing!