A momentary indulgence of pigments.. yummy.


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Originally Posted by lukinamama
tx a lot!you are so kind!

Aww you're very welcome =)

Originally Posted by jdepp_84
I love how the end of the shadow looks. Every time I try to use the tape technique, my eyes get all watery and it hurts like hell to take the tape off! GGGGRRR!

I know what you're talking about. Next time, before you apply a fresh piece of tape on your face... take the strip and put it on your shirt 2 times or even your jeans...get that cloth material onto the tape pretty much.

That way... it won't be as sticky but it'll hold onto your face softly and allow for a proper application. So THEN you aren't stretching your sensitive skin area and it won't hurt at all coming off b/c it should just come off by a simple tug. HTH =)

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