a shawl i knit. i started it 2 years ago this month.


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the yarn i used is so thin! i bought it on eBay and it said "lace weight", but i swear it was closer to cobweb weight. i think i've seen thread thicker than this yarn!

i had to put the unfinished shawl away a few times to take a break from it. and by the time i got to the ruffle at the bottom edge there were so many little tiny stitches on the needles it would take me a little over two hours of straight knitting to get through a row. so you can see how i'd be proud that it's finally finished!

my 11 year old daughter is modeling it for me:






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I'm still in the process of crocheting a blanket for myself for the winter, lol. Slow and steady. Great job on the shawl!


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that is stunning! i love it.

i am in my winter knitting and crocheting mood, so this is great inspiration for me - thank you.


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thank you all for looking

it was lots of work, but totally worth every minute of it. the shawl is so light and airy without being too lacey. love it!

i'm a total glutton for punishment. i've started this shawl in a silk yarn i got from colourmart.com.

i'm going to have to start dressing more a la Stevie Nicks to wear these shawls often.


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I love it! i started knitting a blanket when I was pregnant with my son (he's now 3), but I never finished it. I should try to finish it since I'm pregnant again.