about JCpenney employee discount in Sephora?


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Hello,i have a question: do you get the sephora discount if you work only in JCPenney not inside a Sephora? I want to work in Sephora, inside JC but just in case I don't get a job there,what if I only work in JCPenney?Thank you.


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JC Penney employees ONLY get a sephora discount if it is a sephora within a JCP, not online and not at a freestanding sephora. you don't need to work in the beauty area to get a discount there.


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Anybody know how much the discount is? I'm actually going to apply to JCP and I'm really curious how much the discount is.... added bonus to me!


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I work in jc penney
and i think the discount is 10-15%, but im not completely positive

im gong to a sephora inside a jc penney this weekend, so when i find out ill be sure to update


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20% off ONLY inside jcp sephora.

you may NOT use ur JCP discount in a freestanding sephora!!
(since u get paid by JCP not sephora)

sucks but yeh.

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