Accentuate/Sculpt Issues.


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Hey ladies. Quick question, I'm a NW20 and picked up Accentuate/Sculpt from the Sculpt and Shape collection. I love the highlighter, but I feel that the contouring powder is too much for my skintone (it turns a bit orange/brownish-muddish looking). It looks just like a slapped some discolored bronzer on my face and that's that. I've blended it, used it with a lighter hand, and all of the above.

I'm thinking that I need to exchange it for the lighter one (Bonebeige/Emphasize) but, I'm not sure. Any thoughts whether I should look into the lighter one? I'd ask the MA's at MAC themselves, but they insisted last time that the BB/E would be too light.

Any suggestions/comments/thoughts would be welcome!


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I suggest you take it back and explain it to the MA that you find it too dark and that you would prefer the other duo. I wish i can be much help but i'm nc43..hopefully someone else would reply and help you


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I go between NW15 and NW20 based on how much I'm outside. Right now I'm kind of mixing the two to get the right shade (just to give you an idea of my skin color
) and I have the Bone Beige and Emphasize and I like it. The Bone Beige looks great; I do find that I have to use a fairly heavy hand to get the kind of result I want out of the contouring shade. But if it's looking icky on you, I'd definitely go back and try the lighter shade.

Good luck!


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Have you tried using a really teeny tiny amount and blending, blending, blending? Because I think doing that with Sculpt or using a heavy hand with Bone Beige (as baroquely above explains) are the only 2 options. I'm in the same boat, really. Honestly I prefer contouring with Strada to either one. I love the highlighting shades in both duos tho.


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I actually picked up Accentuate/Sculpt yesterday at Macy's, and the MA's told me a couple things that might help:

1. I'm also around an NW20, and found that Emphasize went on really, really subtle, which is what you probably want. I, however, wanted crazy high cheekbone action, so I went with the more dramatic Sculpt. With that said, Bone Beige also went on really light.

2. The 188 may actually help disperse the Sculpting powder in a more even, cleaner manner than something like a blush or angled brush.

3. If anything, you can always try using the Accentuate to Diffuse the effects of Sculpt.

Just a few things that may help.


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I am also nw20 and use the accentuate/sculpt. I use itvery lightly and use an angled powder brush (im at work so I forget the number it came in the holiday face brush set).


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i think accentuate is quite dark for you as I am nw30 (darker than you) and the MA told me that i should use accentuate/sculpt for my shade. but i haven't buy it yet so i don't know whether it is the right shade for someone like me, nw30.


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I currently have nc35 skin and i have Bone Beige/Emphasize and Accentuate/Sculpt and i can rock both of them!
so if the MA's are saying that BB/E is to light for you then they are probably just saying that so you dont make a return.


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I am an NC30 or NC25 and I have the BB/Emphasize, and I like the BB because as a contour you really don't want it obvious so this color makes it look subtle yet contoured. The emphasize is a nice color for a glowy dewy look without any sparkle.

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