Acrylic Makeup Organizers under $200?


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Hi all,
Anyone know where I can get any specials or coupons on Acrylic Makeup Organizers?

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Those are the really beautiful and spacious clear cube organizers for makeup.
My daughter is DYING to get one for her birthday, and I really want to find one for her, but I cannot find them anywhere.
The best known site I found searching Facebook (their page is "AcrylicMakeup") or , but I have never worked with them before and they don't have a location in my area.

The only other sites are (over $400 a pop) (over $350!).

This is going to be a huge purchase for me, so I want to be sure with my decision. Anyone had any luck with these?
Think it is safe to buy online?


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I got mine from

I got the deluxe which is $159 and I think $15 for shipping.
The regular one is out of stock but I think that usually runs at $119.
Best makeup organizer I've bought thus far.
I'm actually getting ready to purchase another.

Here's the instagram account in case you wanted to see how others filled theirs up:

Good customer service I can honestly say.


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Thanks for the input Alexis.

It looks like a decent organizer, but not the type of quality I am looking for (the sides of the beauty box are much thinner than the other options I mentioned - they look like they are as thin as the drawers, which seem pretty thin for a big organizer!). Kinda reminds me of the Muji ones. Sure it works fine tho!

I ended up purchasing from, and just got my organizer today. I absolutely LOVE it! I went with the 5-Tier Deluxe (with pink diamond handles!!!) and am super excited to start using it.

It was definitely not cheap, but I can tell this is something I am going to use for a LONG time.

I will let you guys know how it works out.

Take care!


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It's actually very sturdy and durable, and made of lucite acrylic. The sides are not thin or flimsy at all. It is (literally) a solid organizer.

But glad you found something that suits you.

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