Actual Birthday Hauling (semi)


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So Thursday was the Naughty Nauticals launch, and I could not miss it for the world-so much so that I leave extra-early to go and get a few goodies. I get there and most of it is honestly underwhelming...but Port Red looked fun in the tube. When I put it on, it just popped. Everybody loved it. I also picked up some Mutiny pigment that day and well, it's been fun wearing the red for work.

Then for my birthday, I got two Nordie's GC's ($55 in total) as well as the Heatherette Trio 1. I was kinda thinking about it, and I had told nobody else...that's kinda weird. But fun. I haven't even used any of it yet!

Today, to use the said GC's, I know I should have bought Party Mate and Hey Sailor. However, I need pigments. Badly. I got Lark About because I love how it has the blue duochrome or whatever it is (I'm so unknowledgeable) and then Date Night Dazzleglass-which in my opinion has THE best colour payoff of any Dazzleglass. Not to mention the blue pearl which I am a total sucker for.


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Fabulous hauling!!! Don't you just love GCs? lol And happy birthday!!