Added Lipsticks, blush, more pics, palette. :)


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Hi....Just a quick note to say I didn't bail from here. Lol. When the format changed, I couldn't get back in here, and couldn't seem to find help. Dawn has taken care of it. Thank you so much Dawn. I have some other premade 15 pan palettes to list and some other MAC items. They are all older collections. My apologies for the lack of a response from me. I couldn't. Have a great night! :)


I have decided to sell off my entire collection. I have fb under redwings57 on ebay, have sold here, and was ladymc on makeupalley. Please bear with me as I try to get it all listed.

Shipping to the US only at this time. Price does not include shipping. I will hold for 24 hrs

MAC 15 pan palette, filled with green shades...pans and depots. Humid, Swimming, Bio-green, and Sprout are sold Palette + 11 shadows $60 includes shipping.
View attachment 67861
View attachment 67862

MAC mineralize blush brand new in boxes $20
Nuance *sold*
Gleeful *sold*
Warm Soul
View attachment 67863

MAC eyeshadows all in box, new or 98% full. Now $7

Beaded SOLD
Shroom SOLD
Olive Groove SOLD
Daisychain SOLD
Tempting SOLD
Swinging SOLD
Venus SOLD
Sundown (early release of Glama ray) Says sample on the box. Full size.
Glare SOLD
Naked Lunch SOLD
View attachment 67864

No box $5
Beauty Sleep sold
Anti-establishment sold
Soba sold
Swan Lake sold
Look See
Mulch dip
Club sold
Nylon sold
Jest sold
Sable sold
Gleam (marked sample) sold
Lightshade sold
Knight Divine sold
Steamy sold
Suede sold
Slip Pink sold
Relaxing sold
Goldmine sold
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Palettes $35 New/swatched Now $30
Sultress Eyes...Aria has dip $25 Now $20*sold*
Tempt Me Swatched, no dips $20
Liza Eyes AM Swatched no dips $20
Eye Shadow X4 Orb, Trax, Patina, Shale MAC pkg $15
Pandemonium eyes swatched in box $20
Pleat 6 cool swatched no box $30 sold
Intriguing Scarlett 6 warm swatched no box $30 sold
Shademates 6 cool slight dip in Seedy pearl $25 Now $20 *sold*

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View attachment 67867

Hollidazzle Neutral swatched in box $35 (2003) sold
Shademates warm swatched still in box $20 (2003)

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Blush duos maybe 1X in box $25
Goldenkitty/Primpin' sold
View attachment 67869

I also have 10 eyeshadows that are vintage from when MAC first came out. They have the raised MAC lettering on the side. They are all full except Vex, which is about 30% left, free with a purchase, and pink freeze is broke, free with purchase. They are Picadilly, (sold) Frill, Greystone, (Fringe*sold*), Sketch*sold*, Camel*sold*, Electra,and Satin Taupe. $10 each I also have an original in Clue, and Fake.
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View attachment 67871
View attachment 67872

Updated. Will be adding more this week. Thank you for looking. It's good to be back!
Any chance you’re still around!? I still see some I would love to buy!!

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