Addicted to Ghost perfumes


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Its official I am hooked! I don't know a lot of girls that like the perfumes, I currently have "ghost" by ghost, Sheer summer, Summer flirt, Summer dream (Noticing a pattern?), and Summer moon. I have tester 7ml samples of the rest of their fragrances...

I was wondering what their summer fragrance is this summer? There was one a few years back I was hoping they would re promote but I cant remember its name for the life of me...

I cant really describe the scent, to me it smells clean, and the kids I work with know it as "Katie smell"
I shall take that as a compliment

I haven't seen many people comment on the fragrances so I was wondering what your take on them was?


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I love ghost perfumes too. I just don't have access to them in France. I used to wear the regular Ghost one for years! I still have the bottle of "deep night" that I bought 6 years ago. Every once in a while I pull it out and sniff it. I really miss it