Advantage with a Portfolio??


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Maybe about a year ago I asked around at different MAC counters.. specifically the MAC counter @ Macy's in Woodbridge NJ.. I asked them what are the qualifications to work there and she didn't say anything about retail experience (which I'm sure she meant to include) she said having an actual portfolio is needed. Then when I applied @ the MAC in Menlo for freelance it was not required that I have a portfolio..turns out I didn't get it because at that time I was very new to the makeup scene.
but all is well I got hired @ sephora about a week later which turned out to be a good learning experience..but I do not work there anymore..

... about a month ago I applied again @ the same MAC (Menlo)with makeup retail experience and they still havent called me.. however at this point in time I'm finishing out my last year of college and am kind of busy to be working... so my question to any one who knows would be... when I apply again will it help if I have a portfolio.. because I'm starting to build it and hopefully by the time I apply I will have enough to show what I can do

was the lady at the other MAC counter just pulling my leg about the portfolio or are some counters different than others where they do prefer employees to have ports???

thnx again!


Managers are different at all counters. I am a bit more lax. Because if I see a person has the passion for the line I know that they will do their job. Although I get lots of messages left for me at the counter about people wanting jobs, but I rarely call them back. I think people in general should come in person and talk to the manager. A portfolio helps and that might be what that manager wants is a great "artist". Maybe that locations demographic is more for the artistry. Good luck and don't get discouraged


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the manager and asst. manager at the counter i applied at liked it... they said they appreciated me taking the time to make it and its really nice and displays my range of work

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