Affordable Fragrances?


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I am looking for US shops, preferably online shops, that sells cheap, affordable fragrances. especially Chanel.
I am looking for quality fragrances and original.

Fragrances are incredibly expensive these days and I'm sure there are websites that offers them at reduced prices but I have no clue about how to find them.


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AFAIK there is but one online shop that sells Chanel at brokered prices.

They say they can sell up to -70% because they are getting bargained items and stocks from bankrupted companies or confiscated items in customs but you can only order from within USA/Canada and EU.

other discount websites;

Chanel is too expensive. That's a fact!
Do you know a website/online shop for affordable branded fragrances that ships worldwide?
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Somewhere online is dupes list. Also on Fragrantica site any perfume search will also give other perfumes that smell similar. has a lot of perfumes that smell similar to the big name perfumeries.
Very old perfume house ships from France worldwide good prices and you can buy sampler.