Afterdark- WOC friendly


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So I was feeling creative today and decided to make my own lippie out of Sephora's lipliner , MAC lipconditioner and a Tenderstone.
Since MAC doesn't have a pinky-violet - I made my own and went further to "shoot" myself in a campaign I call- Afterdark ( inspired by Louis Vuitton's Louis Vuitton After Dark Spring Summer '08 collection).
Anywho.. here is the result. Enjoy!
p.s. my hair looks crazy, I put it up in a deconstructed bun

Face: MAC Select Tint NW45
Beauty Powder- Smooth Harmony ( as all over powder)

Cheeks: Harmony
YSL Bronzer #2

Eyes: MAC Black Karat Eye Khol
MAC Nighthawk Eye Duo
YSL Mascara

Lips: MAC Lip Conditioner
Sephora lip pencil #139