Airbrush/spray tanning


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I am going to La James International school right now to become an Esthetician and we get to learn this.

Now, I'm very pale (wear the NW15 in MAC stuff :p) and I am going out to California in September for a week.

Now, I would love to try this...but I'm afraid I'll look like an idiot with a tan! Does anyone have suggestions? I have used the Jergens glow for us pale folk and I didn't mind it except that I can't get my back and I miss parts so it looks funny....I just let it finally wear off.




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Have you tried mystic tanning?

My friend is a NC15-20, burns easily and is afraid of those sunless tanners because she's afraid that it'll look orange on her due to her being pale. My friends and I broght her to mystic tanning and it left her skin this natural tan and not orangey because it was sprayed evenly.


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What about Fantasy Tan? I'm fully qualified with the company and it is one of the best salon spray tans as you can customise according to each client (make color darker, lighter, tinted, shimmers).


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airbrush tanning?

my skin tans very easily naturally, but since my family has a history of skin cancer, i'm starting to worry about getting that bronze colour the natural way.

tanning beds also use uv rays, though i've heard they're less severe...but after seeing the previes for final destination III, there's no way in hell i'm ever getting into a tanning bed haha [yes, i know i'm lame]

so i'm wondering about the airbrush tanning. about how much does it cost? how long do they usually last for? can you choose from different shades so it's not too drastic? i've noticed some of them are shimmery, are they all like that? what process do they use?

sorry for all the questions, i just really wanna start getting it done but i'm totally clueless on the entire thing hah


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This probably won't help all that much but my friend has had a spray tan and it didn't last but a few days on her and the color continually rubbed off on her clothes. On the other hand when I get a St Tropez it lasts for over a week before fading and doesn't rub off on clothes/sheets etc (except for the incubation period that is!). So to combat winter pasty skin I have been getting infrequent St Tropez treatments and then keeping up the Clarins self tanning body lotion. Works beautifully!

Probably confused you more than anything

pale blue

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I probably won't be much help, but my coworker actually just got this done yesterday. She said it cost her $30, and it lasts like any other self starts to fade after a few days. I don't know if you're able to choose different shades, I'm guessing maybe you can choose from medium and dark (like other self tanners)?

I see the airbrushing good for a one time event where you don't want to use a tanning bed, but need the look in a hurry. $30 is very expensive to me for something that won't last too long.


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There are systems that you can get for at home use. Check the drugstore. I know I saw one at Rite Aid. This way you can always keep up on the color. I honestly don't know which are the good ones but I know the one found at Rite Aid works pretty good. My neighbors daughter uses it. She said the tricky part is doing hands and feet. She puts on a light coating of moisturizer, sprays and rubs on moisturizer again.

As for the Mystic booths they cost some major cash and I've seen the color turn out all wrong. For some reason that color takes several days to go away.

Now for the hand airbrushing I hear that turns out very nice but cost to keep it up. Plus, you have to be OK with standing there in a bathing suit or undies while someone is up close spraying tanner on you.


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my grandmother used to do airbrush tanning in her salon. I refused to do them when I worked there because I've read that it's terrible for your lungs(inhaling all that crap). The owners of the companies and such will always tell you it's safe, but I'm pretty sure that it's not. Remember that just because it may be 100% all natural ingredients being used, it doesn't mean it's safe to inhale or ingest. Cyanide is natural too.

If you still want to get it done, it lasts about 5-7 days(fully, then fades), as long as you don't exfoliate afterwards and keep your skin moisturised. DO exfoliate beforehand, so that it goes on smooth, though.
Also, don't apply moisturiser, makeup, or use anything moisturising(including shaving gel) before getting it done. It will streak and won't last as long.

My grandmother charged 20-30$ USD for it, depending on how much she liked you.

For legs only, she charged 10$ USD


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I am not a fan of it. A girl I worked with got it done last summer and it didn't look very good. She was orange and blotchy. It's expensive to keep up too. I do airbrushing and I'll tell you it isn't as easy as it takes practice to get an even coat, so if you're gonna go that route, make sure you go to someone who has experience.


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thanks ladies

vanessa, i'm definately gonna go check out rite-aid for those self tanners now

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