Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows Last Chance‏


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Hi girls,

I just received an e.mail form telling that you can buy Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows for Last Chance‏ ,this time not only the book alone , but with Alice's Favorite Things?? and the price for the whole bundle $211

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bundle: Includes the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows AND full-sizes of: Honey Body Powder, Eden Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Midnight Cowboy Glitter Liner, Kirk Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss, Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder, De-Slick in a Tube, & Big Fatty Mascara!

enjoy it this time.


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This is complete crap. I'm getting really irritated with Urban Decay because of stuff like this and their secret sephora sale of the BOSII. Stop with the ploys and gimmicks and just sell us the palette! I'm sure they know that most people just want the palette anyway, all of the other stuff doesn't even seem like they really 'go' with the palette.


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wow thats just crazy, why cant they just sell the alice palette without the extra stuff?


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This pallette is driving me bananas. I want it SO badly, but I don't need extra junk. You can kindly take your extra $150ish dollars (because you KNOW everyone just wants the BOS) and stick it where the sun don't shine, UD. Jerks.


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I was going to get it but saw the price tag and thought i don't need it that badly.


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The worst part? It's not even a deal.

$211 is the price of the palette plus the full retail price of all the other products.


I have lost a great deal of respect for UD with this stunt. It's my favorite brand, and I'm really disappointed in this kind of "gotcha" marketing.


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GRRR! They're just provoking you to buy more items because they know the palette is a huge hit and people are up for grabs, so why not make more money? -__-


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i seriously wonder if this palette is really gonna sell. i mean, who really wants to spend 211 full retail right? do they honestly think we're stupid or something?? lol.


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I think it'll sell, how much have people been paying on ebay for it? And at least with this package you get other stuff too. I think it's a low blow for UD to treat their customers like that, but you've got to admire the marketing.


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Rather we like it or not its all about the money. Ya its a low blow but its a business ya know? But I def wouldnt pay that much for it