alicia key's make up on nye performance on carson daly


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did you guys see alicia key's performance on carson daly (nye?)

i didn't particularly like her overall make up (her eyes were way too glittery) but her face and her cheeks had this beautiful pearlescent glow to it and i wonder what products she used. granted she had the stage lights but it was gorgeous imo...=P i know benefit's moon beam and mac's strobe cream/hyper real has similar iridescence to it....but i really wonder what she used...


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I saw it and LOVED it!! Quote:
Originally Posted by Amaranth
Do you have a picture? Is this what you're talking about:

Video Alicia Keys - No One Live New Years Eve Carson Daly - alicia, keys, one, live, daly - Dailymotion Share Your Videos

I'm assuming it's not, because I see absolutely no glitter on her eyes whatsoever...I wasn't home to watch it, so I'm not sure if that's right.

Yes, that's it, but that video really doesn't do it justice. It looked phenomenal in HD. I really want to know what that sparkly sea green is!!


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yah.. in that video it doesn't really show up but on TV it was super sparkly and glittery. I loved it! I can't say what to use to recreate it though.. hopefully one of the wonderful ladies here can!!


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It was beautiful and magical!!

OT-WTF was Mariah Scarey wearing? I don't normal talk shit about stars but she was not rockin that bikini outfit.


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yeah, her make up looked magical!

i wish some of the gals would help us out~

thanks for the video. but you're right, the video doesn't do justice with the colors and the iridescence.


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i personally did not watch mariah carey's performance but yeah, sometimes she's full of it.
i mean, she's a talented diva but some of the stuff she was rockin', not so admirable.

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