Am I asking too much?


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my fave MA will always give me samples -- even if i don't ask for them! she also give me free MAC empties (the little screw top jars) whenever i buy pigments so that i can share
she's so sweet! it never hurts to ask though -- any good MA will give you a sample, because that's how they makes sales!!


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A couple of weeks ago I spent $150 at the MAC counter and didn't get any samples because I didn't ask for them. (I wasn't aware that you COULD ask for them, tbh.) I went back again last Friday, bought about $70 worth of stuff, and asked for a sample of one of the Overrich pigments. She told me that her manager wouldn't let them give out pigment samples anymore, but that she'd be happy to give me a sample of any of the face care items. I asked about liquid foundation because I've been interested in trying it (I use the MSFN by themselves--LOVE THEM, best foundation I've EVER used!) nd she gave me two. Turns out they're much too yellow for me, so I'm really glad and grateful she let me try before I bought them. Next time I go to MAC, I'll definitely purchase plenty of other stuff, but now I know the liquid foundations just won't work for me. So, yeah. Ask for those samples!

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