America = Inexpensive MAC = HAUL!


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I've been wanting new brushes for so long, so of course I splurged when I went on holiday to Boston. I couldn't afford/justify brushes on European prices, but I could with American ;D
I also got lots of eye colours, as I have a fairly substantial collection of lip products... most of which I never use! It was time to get some pigments into my life also. Everything is listed below. Hurrah!

Shadows ;
Shroom, Goldmine, Beautiful Iris, Satellite Dreams, Saddle, Brown Script, Twinks, Shadowy Lady
Pigments ;
Vanilla, Naked, Rose, Old Gold, Teal Cornflower
Paint Pots ;
Bare Study, Blackground
Blush ;
Lip Products ;
Kinds Sexy L/S, C-thru L/G, Bare S/S
Brushes ;
124, 138, 190, 109, 188, 130, 168, 227, 195, 242, 224, 219, 266, 208, 209



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Wow, what a great haul!!
You got so many nice basic products! And you're going to love the brushes

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