An idea with this stupid?


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So, my sales have gotten to about 10k a month now. That's between amazon and ebay...I'm too lazy to start a website. I was thinking of starting a blog on wordpress to where anyone who subscribed would get an email every time I wanted to sell something. Here's an example...

Mac shadesticks and greasepaints in x, y, z colors. XX cost with free shipping. Send paypal info if interested.

Does that sound stupid? I just want to be able to update my makeup junkies when I have new stock in...I dunno, maybe it's unconventional?!


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I don't see why not? What's the difference between your own website vs. having a blog? A blog is a type of website, after all... (Note: I am not a technie in any shape or form.
) People sell stuff in their blogs all the time; why not have a blog dedicated to selling? Be sure to post your blog address when it's all set up so we can subscribe!

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