...and now for something completely different...


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So I decided for today i would like to do something more natural, actually a whole lot more natural than most are used to seeing me...I was thinking I Love Lucy...you know the whole rosy cheek, subtle contouring, and mascara, mascara, mascara!



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well because of work i cant see the pictures
, which is a bummer cause i love your looks

oh well, ill see it when i get home : )

poppy z

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Great neutral look beauté! (but I prefer you with exentric colors...., it goes with your tatoos!!!).


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this is lovely. i'm super excited about getting botanical. and your eyelashes are amazing


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Love the look and absolutely love your eyes. Your eyes are always beautiful, but they stand up in their own beauty with the makeup in the background. You have a gorgeous face, and your natural makeup brought it out so well today.