Angel or Creme cup?

I've been meaning to gat a natural girly pink for a while and a lot of people keep recommending these two lipsticks, I've read reviews and I know they are both very similar but which one do you think i should get or is there another better MAC one?????


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They are very similar, so it comes down to your preference in finish. Angel is a Frost, while Creme Cup is a Cremesheen.


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I was asking myself the same question and I decided to pick up Angel since Creme Cup did settle into my lip lines :(
And I think Frost finishes last longer than Cremesheens which is a big pro for me as well
So I definitely recommend Angel and of course the colour is really gorgeous too :)


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I have Creme Cup from a B2M and it's a cute girly pink but honestly I am not generally a cremesheen fan... I'm obsessed with Blankety... Snob is another favorite... For a softer finish try the snob lipglass :)


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I love Creme Cup. It's my only repurchase lipstick from MAC. Perfect to just throw on with whatever look.


I tried Creme Cup and I was REALLY dissapointed. Is settled in lip lines just like very poor quality lipstick. It was also way too pale for me, which is strange, because I have fair complexion (you know, the type who hears "you should go out and pick some sunshine" all life). Angel is very pretty and I own it :)


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I do not own creme cup so I can only speak to angel. I like angel but I prefer the angel lipglass and that is saying a lot bc I am not a super fan of liglasses in general. The color is prettier in the l/g form. Sometimes I am not a fan of the shimmer of Angel

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