Another survey for you lovely folks...


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Hey hey, it's me again...

I'm trying to figure out how I should take my pictures for ebay listings. Does this photo look clear enough? Do I need something in the background to snaz it up? Any recs?



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The picture looks clear and a white background is great IMO. The proportions of the picture seem to be off though, it looks stretched out lenghtwise (or squashed widthwise).


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Looks pretty darn good. I like that you can also clearly see the "Brunette". The only thing I can think of to snaz it up is if you used a contrasting color as a background to really make the color "pop"... but honestly... the neutral of the white probably is preferable most often.

Also, with the squashing... if you use one of those features with the percentage zoom does it still make it disproportionate?


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i think that apart from teh squashing - which isn't a big deal to me - it's pretty darn perfect!


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It looks fine, except as others have mentioned the aspect ratio is off. How are you resizing your photos? In PhotoShop in the "Save for Web" command you can tick a box that maintains the proper proportions when sizing an image down.

Other than sizing your images down to the proper proportion, I think they look fine. Simpler is better in my opinion.


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For my eBay auctions/swap listings I always have a plain white background, with no shadowing in the picture. High lighting with flash usually works best for me, but you have to figure out an angle in that lighting where the flash doesn't reflect off any clear plastic in your picture.
Also, as others have mentioned the length/width is off. I open the pic in paint, and when I resize I make sure that both ratios are the same. From a full-size picture I resize to 35 and thats usually a great size picture for makeup. :]