Anybody know any ideas for temp work??


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Anybody have any ideas as to any computer/internet work?

Places to get paid for typing things out for people, writing things, editing/proofreading things, surveys that aren't bs, anything?

I am in desperate need for temporary work since my school semester ended yesterday, but I haven't been able to pursue anything while I was IN school and now of course nobody wants to hire this close to Christmas. I would only be able to do this until Jan 14 or so.

I'm fairly certain the answer is a big NO or I WISH but I just thought I'd throw this out there. I really need to find something fast to help my family out, and I live in a rural area where dog sitters and walkers don't exist and babysitting is your worst


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Check out your local United Way's website and their job bank. There are tons of things of varying degrees in there


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have u tried signing up with a staffing agency? they hire people for temp and perm jobs and have really good leads!

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