Anyone else having problems with the Pigment Precautions pages?


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Is anyone else having a problem viewing the swatches on the Specktra pigment precautions page?

Regardless of whether I am using Firefox or IE, I get placeholders instead of the images. I've cleared my cache, I've reloaded, I've messed around for ages and I've even tried 2 different computers and I still cannot see any of the images, including the small icons used in the key.

I know the images are there because if I click on a place holder in Firefox and select "View Image", it opens the image, but I cannot get them to all load at once. In IE I see image placeholders with the familar red X in them and in Firefox I see place holders with "Product swatch" written in them.

I've checked my browser settings and there's nothing that would be blocking images. I can see other images from other sites without a problem.

I've tried turning off my firewall, anti-virus, and any other protection software I have in case it was interpreting the swatches as adverts or something, and still no banana. I'm getting very frustrated.


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Same here...


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i don't know why, but you have to type "www" before it -- like and all of the pictures will show up. figured this out a couple of months ago by clicking on martygreene's signature instead of going to my bookmarks. lol.


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The server is being a bit wonky, and we're working on correcting it.

For the time being, if you follow mandirigma's suggestion, it will work.