Anyone heard of this brand? I'm so obsessed with it!!!


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I've always been a fan of Chanel and I have purchased over 100 Chanel lipsticks in the past 5 years. But I'm not a huge fan of its lip balm. So when I'm researching for luxurious brands that make really good lip balm my friend told me about this interesting Asian brand whose name I cannot even pronounce (I'm not sure if it's Korean or Japanese).

My friend saw one of her Asian classmates using it in class (it was so magical that the lip balm turned her lip color into peachy pink) so she asked her where she got this. Unfortunately her classmate got the lip balm through friends so she didn't know what brand it was either. I ended up doing a lot of stalking work to find some pics of the lip balm online. I was so attracted to its package (wooden box + ribbon + certificate). It is not on Amazon or Ebay or Sephora. I wonder if anyone knows about this. I really want to try it on!! Thank you!!




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Given the characters used in the top image (especially on the envelope), I would assume Japanese? (Korean characters are more geometric.)

Browsing through YesStyle (which sells a lot of Korean and Japanese beauty products at various price points) didn't help me much. Reverse image searching both your pictures weren't helpful, either.


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Update on my search - I couldn't find any info online but my friend's classmate just got back to us about the lip balm!!! Her friend got it in Shanghai, which explains the wooden box. She gave me the link to the website and apparently these are Chinese characters. I've never purchased / used any Chinese cosmetics products before so I'm still hesitating. I'm continuing my lip balm search but I would probably buy a lip balm just for the wooden box. (I tried Mom's La Mer lip balm but no, not my thing)


This picture is from their official site. Their packaging is so unique! I really want to visit their store so I put Shanghai in my list of travel destinations this summer.
btw My parents always talk about visiting China but they never make a plan.