Anyone own Filament e/s?


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I am seriously considering this shade but I wanna hear from the experts first

I did a search and no reviews popped up. I know it's a lustre and they can be hard to work with and have unnecessary fallout. It looks so pretty though. I like Tempting even though its a lustre, whadda you girls think? Any personal reviews?


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I have this one and I just do not find myself reaching for it much if ever. It's flaky and the payoff is not great, nor does the level of sparkle once on impress me. Just my opinion though.


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I have Filament and I use it for highlight sometimes. It's not so bad but definitely not my favourite e/s.


I have Filament too and I don't like the payoff at all. I use it for inner part of my eyes with good base and gentle slow padding otherwise I just can't see the color. If I knew it I would pass on this one


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I had it, used it twice, both times, it was just silver glitter. It shattered three days after I bought it, for no apparent reason. Sigh. It let me down.


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Originally Posted by TISH1127
I have it...I like it..I don't love it....But it's so pretty in the pot...more so than applied.

That's exactly why I bought looked so pretty on display!

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