Anyone work for Elizabeth Arden (or any other counter - would also like some advice)



Hey Chantelleh97,
I know you posted this awhile ago and may have already completed the interview process. But depending on the department store your applying to will depend on the process and how long it will take. You may have to go to 2 interviews. I work at the Bay my location is a high volume counter but you do need to put in a lot of work to create business and loyal clients. You can't expect people just walk-up and buy. Their uniform is just a plain black coat with red trimming but mostly you are wearing all black. For your interview wear all black with simple accessories. Hope this is helpful. Good Luck!
Every retailer that I've worked for Elizabeth Arden has never been busy. It's fallen to the wayside with younger, hipper brands. Now if you are a self starter and are capable of truly building a clientale, you may have some success. In my area, at the very least, I think it would have to be the hardest brand to work for.