Arabic Inspired


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I'm back =] My camera had been under repair and school was taking up a lot of my time so I finally had time to do a look. I love the arabic look and personally think it's gorgeous even if I'm not arab. So here's a look I did and wore for about ten minutes haha
I wanted to compare using MAC products and Coastal Scents products since the CS ones were neglected. The looks ended up looking pretty similar but the MAC one was a little bit better blended, maybe I spent more time on it? And I totally forgot to use a base on the CS look but it was still pretty vibrant.
So for those who can't afford higher end you can come up with something close =] But I'll probably continue to use MAC haha



^Left side of face MAC

^Right of face side CS

I swear my bewb isn't about to pop out, I tried to crop it out but it kept going back to normal!

Left eye in picture is Higher End (MAC unless otherwise listed)
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance-Blacktrack-UD 24/7 ZERO- Zoom Lash-CG Brow Gel + Carbon-Painterly-Vanilla-Dior White Base (white part)-White Frost-Carbon- Crème de Violet-Parfait Amour-Red Cherry Lashes #503
-Benefit Boi-ing- Celebrity Pink-Matte Bronze-Other Worldly
-Bubblegum-Perfectly Unordinary

Right Eye in picture is a Cheaper Version
-CG Brow Gel + Carbon-CS 88 Matte Palette-Wet and Wild Gel Liner-CS Silk White Gel Liner-UD 24/7- L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara-Red Cherry Lashes #503
-CS Blush & Contour Palette-Benefit High Beam
-Same as above

Thanks for looking and CC Welcome =D


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look freaking awesome and i cant even tell it isnt MAC on the other side! if i didnt read the info i would have never known! great job.


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Stunning look. For some reason, it reminds me of a look (not any particular one, but just in general) sported by one of those classic sultry ladies from a James Bond film.


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I love it...and your so pretty. Let us know if the CS side stayed on as long as the MACS

Thanks for posting this for us


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Thanks for all the awesome comments ladies <333 =D
But I can't really comment on staying power since I didn't leave the look on all day =[ but I'll try that next!


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awesome blending, cynthia! BTW, i did end up finding replacement drawers for my kit that don't have dividers! i think it was you that was talking to me about that several months ago...yay!