Are Parrot and Talent Pool similar??


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Hey there,

So I have Parrot and i think its really gorgeous. But i went to my CCO this past weekend and swatched Talent Pool eyeshadow and it reminded me so much of parrot. I wanted to buy it but it would be dumb to own 2 shadows soooo similar. But maybe they're not similar and i'm trippin? If anyone has both, can you show me a swatch or something, or just let me know if they're totally different or totally similar? I'd appreciate it. I dont wanna take parrot into the CCO to compare it or anything like that lol. thats doing too much.



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i find that parrot has much better payoff than talent pool does... also talent pool is a little more blue and parrot is a little more green... i can def do swatches when i get home tonight! (im currently boreddd at work!)



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I have both but i prefer parrot because it is more pigmented, a bit darker and the texture is easier to work with


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Here's the swatch i promised (so sorry its a day late!)

parrot is on the left and talent pool is on the right... i had to really work with the talent pool to even get it that dark... the payoff sucks

(both are over UDPP)


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