Are these fake or genuine Mac?


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Hello everyone! Could someone please help me - are these products counterfeit or genuine? The Crew highlight powder is missing the batch code and the Briar Rose beauty powder has a weird "not for sale" text on top of the compact.



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Your Briar Rose could have been a tester version. That said, it's odd to see the text on the top of the compact and not on the bottom somewhere.


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Any thoughts on the missing batch code? I bought these items here on Specktra, but the seller doesn't respond to my or the admins messages, and I'm not comfortable using these not knowing if they are genuine. I'm thinking about opening a PP case, but I thought to ask here first.

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I have seen that exact Not For Sale on other products. Here's an eyeshadow I have with the same writing and it's from the same collection...

I don't have a Crew powder unfortunately but I think it had the batch code in white on the product label. Maybe it has worn off? Sorry can't help with the Crew.


"Not for Sale" probably means it was gratis for an Artist. :) And especially with LE, sometimes there are printing flukes that just don't get caught until it's too late. MAC's packaging can vary from batch to batch, it's insane. I'm sure you were sold genuine products. :)


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Thank you for that info.

Yes, I've seen that white batch code too on other Crew powders, just on top of the text Crew. This doesn't just have one, but when other texts there are just as new I don't know if it could be worn off.
Or maybe it could be what iShadow mentioned, a printing fluke, I don't know.

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