Are they authentic?


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Originally Posted by Beauty11111
Could someone please help me identify if theses two eBay sellers are selling authentic MAC items? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Hiya, I personally have not bought any MAC makeup,from those sellers.Looking at their Mac,i cannot spot nothing alarming but I am sure someone who perhaps bought something from those sellers,or maybe someone more "eagle eyed"could offer you better advice.Sorry hun i need a visit to Specsavers...i said hello to some random bloke who i thought was my mate


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Hi there!

I can't see any huge glaring fakes in there, but some of the items in both stores look a little not right. The lipglasses especially - there's some inconsistencies there that match up with what we see on counterfeit tubes.

It's hard to tell for sure as the photos are all limited in size and some of them don't show the detail clearly.

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