Are your old MAC lipsticks still safe to use?


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I got Russian Red in 2014, used it a couple of times but there is still plenty of product. It still smells like vanilla and I see no changes. I disinfect my MAC lipsticks a couple of times a year, store them away from light and mostly use a clean lip brush for application (otherwise just straight from the tube).

But they say to toss your lipstick after some time.
I have purchased alot of MAC lipsticks since Russian Red and I can't believe you have to throw them into the trash so early.:shakehead:

What are your opinions about this?


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Test it out. If it affects you aversely, set it aside for Back2MAC and get a new one. If not... :shrug:


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How dit it go, [MENTION=65477]shellygrrl[/MENTION]? I just got the same question; found some quite old ones and am wondering now if I should still use them.


Same question. I also have Russian red for almost 5 years now but I just used it last week and it was still the same when I first used it. So, I think it's really long-lasting.


I have more than 200 MAC lipsticks and they are all in excellent condition and nothing changed till now.
thanks God.


Jen Luvs Reviews Youtube did a recent video January 3 2020 of lipsticks declutter she explains about it.

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