ashley_v85 as Velma Kelly from Chicago...and all that jazz.


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I don't usually refer to myself in third person, especially by username, lol. But I felt like doing so sounds more like an onstage announcement or something, haha. Yeah, I'm a nerd...


These were taken after I got home the other my makeup wasn't entirely fresh, but it's all good. You can't really tell. I didn't really get any good eye shots here's one. Haha.

I was going to wait until after Halloween to post pictures of myself dressed up, so that I could include party pictures of me and my friends, buuuutttt...I'm sick, and I missed going out and dressing up last night, as well as tonight...and I probably won't go out again until Halloween, so I might as well post them now. If I get any cute costume pictures of me and my friends later on, I'll just include them at the end of another FOTD post or something.

But yeah...OF COURSE I have to be sick now, of all times. That's just fan-fucking-tabulous. I hate missing out on Halloween Weekend.

Ok, enough bitching and moaning. Here are more pictures.









I don't totally remember, but I think this is right:

Bare Canvas paint
Sharkskin s/s
Carbon e/s
Suspicion e/s
Cranberry e/s
Shroom e/s
Brun e/s on brows
Blacktrack f/l
Graphblack technakohl
Fibre Rich mascara
Fake eyelashes (top and bottom, obviously)

Prep+Prime Skin
Studio Fix Fluid in NC15
Studio Fix in NW15
Select Cover-up in NC20
Physician's Formula yellow concealer
Strada blush (contour)
Plum Foolery blush

Prep+Prime Lip
Spice l/l
Velvetella cremestick liner
Dark Side l/s
Sex Ray l/g

I think that's all...but I might be leaving a few things out. Who knows.

For fun, since these are the only costume pictures with friends that I will have for a few days...god damn flu. Or whatever it is.

Me and my best friend Jenna. Haha I look so small in this's weird. But in reality, I'm like three inches taller than her.

Jenna was a witch...she just didn't have her hat on in these pictures.
Me, Jenna, and Lindsey.


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HOT costume! You look good with dark hair too! Love the make up of course
I feel you, I am so sick right now, so I can't go out either!


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Thanks! I loved the dark hair. Maybe one day I'll get the guts to go dark, haha.

I'm sorry that you're sick too! Being sick and not being able to go out right now sucks.
Normally I wouldn't care too much about not going out, because I'm kind of a homebody...but not around Halloween!!! Haha.


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I go to Fashion Place. HOPEFULLY I will be working there soon, haha. That would be nice! But we'll see. My favorite MA there is leaving on the 4th though.

Nice to see another SLC MAC fan, haha.


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Haha I know!!! I loved having dark hair for a day. I think it looks pretty cool...but I would be way too scared to dye it dark, haha. Even though my hair is naturally fairly dark...I've been blonde forever, so it would be scary.


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you look way hott with dark hair! and i love the makeup...i never saw Chicago but i'm kind of wanting to now hahaha!


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ahh so cute! i dressed up as velma last year, but didn't have the wig.. or the makeup skills that you have.


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Originally Posted by THE ANTHEM
you look way hott with dark hair! and i love the makeup...i never saw Chicago but i'm kind of wanting to now hahaha!

Thanks! You should DEFINITELY see it! The movie is a little bit different...but that's because it's set up to be a lot like the play. It makes more sense once you have seen the play as well, haha.

But you should see it...the music is so good.

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