Asking 'opened-ended' questions...


Hello Everyone!!

At my counter we're challenging ourselves to ask customers more open-ended questions without the word 'help' in it. I usually start with a smiley greeting, "Hello, how are you?" and am sometimes met with, "I'm just looking" from the customer. I respond with, "Ok, we have a huge range/lot of colours to look at, I'll check back with you in a few minutes if you'd like (me) to try something on (you)." I find the first icebreaker question a struggle, how do you make it sound genuine without sounding 'sales-y'?

Sofar I have asked;

What can I show you today?
What colour are you would you like to try on?
What colours are you wearing?
How may I assist you?
What do you need a hand with?

Customers act surprised and smile, like they are so used to giving yes or no answers; some don't like it and still say they are only looking. Oh well.

If they are just looking I'll usually talk about the features of the product they are hovering around (eg.nailpolish) very long wearing, highly pigmented, great colours, dries quickly, additional nail treatments, offer tape or polish remover to try on their nails, etc.

So my Seasoned Specktrites... please confess to your best open-ended questions that you have asked or have been asked yourselves... thanks!

Am I the only one who is not happy with responses on beauty counter. It's not that they are rude or something but I never get satisfied with my concealers. My last visit was at Sephora and after reading amazing reviews of tarte tape shape I decided to buy that but the lady there couldn't satisfy my build up problem and was still insisting me to buy that.
One more very serious issue I have is with the sudden change in behavior if you are not buying the product they are recommending. It always makes me super uncomfortable to seek their help.