austrian kitty (halloween) WITH pics now! X(


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Hi girls!
As austrian_babe has already said, halloween in vienna just cant get "slutty" enough, although i must say my girlfriend and i were on the limit cause everybody was stearing at us and making pictures for their private collections lol

i went as a "cat" although i havent found any ears, so i just had to paint my nose.. still a few people recognised what i was supposed to be

so here are a few halloween pics with a friend of mine. sorry for the pornographic poses.... we were drunk! ^^

i used: carbon, pandamonium, electra, shroom, black russian, lancome onyx mascara
nose: lancome black eye pencil, canton candy
cheeks: pink swoon, shroom
lips: bing mattene



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Re: austrian kitty (halloween)

I love the makeup! With ears it would have been purrrrfect lol
My friends and I did some naughty posing too but I didn´t post those pics.

Oh, and I recognize the area...Schwedenplatz?


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Re: austrian kitty (halloween)

thanks! yup, your right, schwedenplatz... where else? ^^ we were waiting for some people, and then headed to the prater dome where we stood in line for about an hour if not longer... Oo (crazy)
btw in the last pic... my hair kinda stands out in a way that on the right side it even looks a bit like an ear ^^


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Re: austrian kitty (halloween) (warning! pornography!)) x)

the pictures were banned or soemthing. cant see them!